YONEX Astrox 88 D PRO 3rd Gen 2024 Badminton Racket

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YONEX Astrox 88 D PRO 3rd Gen 2024 Badminton Racket : 

The third generation of the Yonex Astrox 88D Pro is here, sporting a brand-new black and silver colourway and game-changing technology. Aimed at defensive players looking to maximise their control and power output, the 88D Pro is a state-of-the-art racket built for powerful players. 

The YONEX Astrox 88 D PRO 3rd Gen 2024 excels in backcourt play, being a robust and stable racket designed with power in mind. This racket was manufactured to enhance smashing power to dominate your opponents on the court, whilst its stability weight distribution technology keeps shots controlled and precise while boosting your power. The 4U weight (approx. 83 grams) of this racket makes it much more user-friendly and responsive, whilst still packing a powerful punch and being incredibly well-rounded. 

Several technologies are featured in this racket, coming together to make it a true powerhouse on the court. For players who like splitting their opponent's defense open from the back of the court, few can compete with the 88D Pro. 

Specifications :

  • Level: Advanced / Professional
  • Type: Offensive
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head: Square/Isometric
  • Weight: 4U (80-84 grams)
  • Grip: G5 ( 3-1/4 inches )
  • B.Pt: 9 (Head Heavy Balance)
  • Tension: 4U (20-28 lbs)
  • Head: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, CFR, Tungsten
  • Shaft: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, 2G-NAMD FLEX FORCE, ULTRA PE Fiber
  • Cover: Yonex Full Cover
  • String: UN-STRUNG / Custom Professional Stringing Service Available


AERO+ Box Frame: Smoother contours throughout the racquet head for less wind resistance and extra racquet speed, combined with the stability of a box frame. 

ISOMETRIC: Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC design increases the sweet spot by 7%. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings.

Rotational Generator System + 2G-Namd Flex Force: By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is carefully distributed throughout the grip end, frame top, and joint, enabling a smooth transition between powerful shots for rapid, successive attacks. The innovative graphite “2G-NamdTM Flex Force” used in the shaft, characterized by its quick flex and snapback, maximizes shot power and advances the performance of the Rotational Generator System.

Stability Weight Distribution: The added weight distribution on the sides of the frame enhances stability during the swing, resulting in maximized smash power and allowing for the effective breakdown of defenses during back-court attacks.

Ultra PE Fiber: The shaft is constructed using ‘Ultra PEF’ – ultra poly ethylene fiber – which is light enough to float on water yet able to withstand immense forces. these characteristics allow for maximum shock absorption.

Ultra Slim Shaft: Inserting NANOPREME into the racket shaft ensures greater stability compared to conventional rackets. When bending and releasing two racquets under the same force, the Ultra Slim Long Shaft rebounds almost twice as far as a conventional racquet does in the same length of time (0.018 seconds). This equates to 10% greater stability compared with conventional racquets.

Energy Boost CAP PLUS: A uniquely shaped cap that maximizes shaft performance. The front allows the shaft to flex, while the side arch-shaped curve stabilizes the racquet face by preventing the shaft from twisting.

Power Assister Bumper: Attached to enforce heavier, increased power by configuring the weight directed into the shuttlecock with a tungsten-infused nylon bumper.

Features : 

Yonex astrox 88 d pro 3rd generation badminton racket

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What is the ideal string tension?

Recommended string tension would be 24-28 LBS

In how many days the order gets shipped and delivered?

Order gets dispatched on the same days or the next working day and delivered within a time frame of 2-5 business days for orders all across India.

How are we different?

We belive to provide the best products in the fastest delivery timeline and all badminton rackets for which custom stringing is selected are strung using professional string method and machine.

How is my ordered packed?

All orders are packed using high quality, heavy duty corrugated boxes to ensure maximum safety to the product during transit.

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