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The APACS Asgardia Lite badminton racket, part of the original series from APACS and designed in Taiwan, offers an exceptional playing experience. This light and fast racket enhances your game by delivering faster and more powerful smashes, as well as precise drop shots and net play. It is the perfect choice for beginners up to intermediate players.

Featuring the unique Speed Power Combined Frame, this racket effectively reduces wind resistance, resulting in maximized swing power and enhanced energy transfer to the shuttlecock. The aerodynamic design on the top of the frame promotes faster air flow across the curved surface during your swing, accelerating head speed and increasing the speed and power of your hits.

Crafted with a 6.8mm slim shaft utilizing cutting-edge nano carbon technology, the Asgardia Lite offers an ultra-thin, ultra-tough, and aerodynamic shaft. This design enables faster, stronger, and more intense shots, giving you an advantage on the court.

In addition, the racket incorporates the innovative "Hexagon Throat" design, which not only increases swing speed but also provides extra damping function. This improvement enhances execution, allowing for greater power and control during your gameplay.

The Asgardia Lite is tailored to suit power-based players who prioritize control and those who seek to unleash instant power for smashing. It boasts excellent balance and delivers an awesome playing experience. Considering its impressive performance relative to its price, this racket offers exceptional value for money.

APACS Asgardia Lite Badminton Racket, Specifications

·      Brand : APACS

·      Player : Intermediate level players

·      Country Of Origin : Taiwan

·      Cover Included : Yes

·      Skill Level : Intermediate

·      Packaging : 100% Secured Corrugated boxes for safety in Transit

APACS Asgardia Racket Specifications

  • Weight : 73g (6U)
  • Balance Point : Head Heavy (295mm)
  • Shaft Flexibility : Medium
  • Max String Tension : ≤ 35 LBS

Special Features

·      High Modulus Graphite

·      High Speed Frame

·      Fibre Reinforced Polymer

·      Slim Shaft

·      Light Weight

·      Isometric head frame

·      Hexagon Throat 

Isometric head frame.

APACS Asgardia Lite badminton racquetEqualizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

Light Weight At 73g (7U) this light weight racket will enable you to move quickly and deliver fast swing to surprise your opponent.

Speed Power Combined Frame

The Speed Power Combined Frame reduces wind resistance, maximizing the power of the swing and the transfer of energy to the shuttlecock. Aerodynamic design on the top of the frame allowing faster air flow across the curved surface during the swing, accelerating head speed and transferring more speed and power into hits. This design then combines with box shape at both sides of the frame for high stability, low-torque performance and more accuracy.

Slim Shaft

Cutting edge nano carbon technology is used to produce an ultra-thin, aerodynamic shaft, created for a stronger and more intense shot.

Reinforced Structure Frame
The new material using Fibre Reinforced Polymer is adopted in the frame in order to make the frame Ultra high Strength & Stiffness. As a result it can handle string tension of up to 35lbs.

76 Grommets system
This single-pass grommet holes construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.

Hexagon Throat
The unique hexagon throat boosts the function of built-in T-Throat Graphite by up to two times, and reduces air resistance to provide consistent and stable shots.

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What is the ideal string tension?

Recommended string tension would be 24-28 LBS

In how many days the order gets shipped and delivered?

Order gets dispatched on the same days or the next working day and delivered within a time frame of 2-5 business days for orders all across India.

How are we different?

We belive to provide the best products in the fastest delivery timeline and all badminton rackets for which custom stringing is selected are strung using professional string method and machine.

How is my ordered packed?

All orders are packed using high quality, heavy duty corrugated boxes to ensure maximum safety to the product during transit.

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