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Take your badminton game to the next level with LI-NING AXFORCE 70 Badminton Racket | Unleash Your Power. Featuring a Box Wing frame for optimal air drag and a Stabilised Elastic Shaft, this racket provides explosive power and precision accuracy with every shot. Power 6.6mm soft flexible shaft gives you greater control over your defence and shots, while the SW Head Heavy build offers superior offensive support. Unleash your power and dominate your court with the Axforce 70.

The LI-NING AXFORCE 70 Badminton Racket | Unleash Your Power series boasts top-of-the-line Li-Ning technology. The rackets have a higher balance point making them head-heavy, and are combined with a slim 6.6 mm medium flex shaft. The AXEFORCE badminton racket series is further enhanced by applying numerous technologies, including Tec Tonic System, Wing Stabilizer, Stabilized Torsion Angle, UHB Shaft, TB Nano, Hot Melt, Cubic Locking and DF Shock Absorption System.

The Li-Ning AXFORCE badminton racket has an ultra-fast response time due to innovative FRTP engineering. This results in the racket reverting to its original shape by enhancing the shaft's flex point. It is also filled with high-tech materials that facilitate a significant shock reduction, creating a smooth and even attack on your opponent. A specially engineered head-heavy design helps to transfer the racket weight into your shots, making them much more lethal! 

Product Range : Axforce
Player Type : Attacking
Player Level : Professional
Balance : Head Heavy
Shaft Flexibility : Flexible
Shaft Thickness (mm) : 6.6
Racket Grip Size : G5
Maximum Racket : Tension30 LBS (pounds)
Material : Carbon Fibre
Frame Shape : Dynamic Optimum Frame
Insights : 
                                                           Wing Stabilizer 
                                           LI-NING AXFORCE 70 Badminton Racket | Unleash Your Power    

LI-Ning uses aviation technology to control frame restoration precisely and restrain shakes resulting from vibration waves. The Li-Ning Wing Stabilizer system improves anti-torsion performance and brings a quick, exact and stable second stroke.
                                                      Box Wing Frame 
                                                LI-NING AXFORCE 70 Badminton Racket | Unleash Your Power
The racket head is built with a unique box frame that reduces the drag coefficient of the racket allowing it to generate higher shuttle speeds and boost your power strings. This stabilizes the racket motion and enables the racket to directly transfer all your force forward into your shots, making them more aggressive and lethal.
                                                           Flexible Shaft
                                               LI-NING AXFORCE 70 Badminton Racket | Unleash Your Power
The shaft of the racket is forged to provide greater efficiency while flexing our smashes and defence strikes. Designed with high carbon for a tensile & flexible finish, the sleek 6.6mm shaft is optimised for better smash defence. This aids the longer bending moment and returns to boost your shot power

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What is the ideal string tension?

Recommended string tension would be 24-28 LBS

In how many days the order gets shipped and delivered?

Order gets dispatched on the same days or the next working day and delivered within a time frame of 2-5 business days for orders all across India.

How are we different?

We belive to provide the best products in the fastest delivery timeline and all badminton rackets for which custom stringing is selected are strung using professional string method and machine.

How is my ordered packed?

All orders are packed using high quality, heavy duty corrugated boxes to ensure maximum safety to the product during transit.

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