About Us


Welcome to TriplePoint Sports, your go-to online destination for high-quality badminton rackets, specializing in badminton rackets and accessories such as Badminton Shoes, Kitbags, Strings, and Grips. TriplePointSports.com stands out as the premier e-commerce platform, boasting an extensive selection of renowned badminton brands, including Yonex, Li-Ning, Apacs, Maxbolt, Mizuno, and Fleet.

The Beginning:

TriplePointSports.com emerged from a vision to bridge the gap in the supply chain, making top-tier badminton equipment accessible to individuals in remote areas at affordable prices. Initially conceived as a means to democratize access to badminton goods, the venture evolved into offering the widest variety of badminton products to cater to the diverse needs of players. Thus, the world witnessed the launch of the first website providing comprehensive badminton products at competitive prices.

Where Are We Now?

Celebrating a decade of success, TriplePoint Sports owes its growth to customers who have fueled organic expansion through word-of-mouth marketing. The team remains steadfast in delivering 100% original, genuine, and authentic products, prioritizing customer satisfaction and ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience.

Our Brands:

As authorized distributors for top badminton brands such as Maxbolt, Mizuno, Li-Ning, Yonex, APACS, Fleet, FlexPower, and Karakal, TriplePoint Sports proudly stands as the exclusive online seller offering the best badminton rackets from a multitude of reputable brands.

Our USP/Our Uniqueness:

Beyond our extensive racket collection, our stringing services have garnered praise. Employing a technique endorsed by WBF and Yonex, we string rackets at customer-specified tensions with precision and professionalism, setting us apart in the industry.

Packing and Courier:

Ensuring the safety of your purchases, all shipments are meticulously packed in high-quality corrugated boxes to prevent damage during transit. Our trusted courier partners, DTDC and Delhivery, further enhance the reliability of our delivery services.

Payment Mode:

TriplePoint Sports operates on a prepayment-only model, eschewing Cash on Delivery. This commitment to transparency minimizes customer dissatisfaction and ensures that orders reach genuine customers seeking quality badminton products.


At TriplePoint Sports, we prioritize customer engagement and satisfaction, simplifying the process of choosing the perfect badminton racket. Our product range caters to beginners, intermediates, and professionals, all meticulously categorized. We extend our gratitude to our customers, making us India's most trustworthy and popular online store for badminton equipment.

Key Focus and Appreciation:

In essence, it's our customers who rock! Thanks to all our valuable patrons for their continued support.

TriplePointSports: A Haven for Badminton Enthusiasts!