About Us

Introduction : 

TriplePoint Sports is an online sporting goods website, mainly dealing in badminton rackets and other badminton equipments like Badminton Shoes, Kitbags, Strings and Grips. TriplePointSports.com is the best e-commerce as we have the widest collection of badminton brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, Apacs, Maxbolt, Mizuno and Fleet.

The Beginning :

TriplePointSports.com was started because our founders found a gap between the supply chain as best quality badminton equipments were not available to people in remote locations and even if they were available in cities they were priced very high. Our founders thought it as an opportunity and also as a great idea by which they would make professional badminton equipments available to masses as well as provide the best prices to the end users. Initially started as an aim to make badminton goods available to masses turned into an aim to provides the badminton players with the widest variety of badminton products to choose from. That's how the world's first website which had complete badminton products as affordable prices was launched . 


Where are we now? :

It has now been 10 Years since the start and we have never seen behind. The growth of our company is can be fully credited to our customers who have helped us to grow organically as we have grown our sales more by word of mouth marketing than by other means. All these years our team is committed to provide 100% original genuine and authentic products to our valued customers and to also provide the best service experience to our customers and not to let any customers unhappy about our website. 


Our Brands :

We are currently the authorised Distributors of top Badminton brands such as Maxbolt , Mizuno , li-Ning , Yonex , APACS , Fleet (Felet) , FlexPower , Karakal

We are proudly the only seller on online website which provides its customers with the best badminton rackets from so many brands. 


Our USP/ Our Uniqueness :

We are not only good at our collection of rackets but most of our customers have liked our Stringing services a-lot and the reason is that we string the badminton rackets at the exact string tension which is mentioned by the customers and all care is taken while stringing of the racket so that it is strung accurately and professionally, also we string the racket by stringing it in a very different method which has been approved by WBF and Yonex and which is considered as the best technique to string badminton rackets. 


Packing and Courier :

All our shipments are packed in high quality corrugated boxes which are very strong and durable and prevents from any damage in transit. 

Our major Courier partners are DTDC and Delhivery couriers. 


Payment Mode :

All orders placed on our website are accepted on prepayment only and we do not support Cash on Delhivery , as we believe in the most transparent business model as we ship orders to genuine customers looking for the product they want to order and would accept the order. And due to this we have very less customer dissatisfaction rate. All customers receive the best quality service from our team in case any customer has any issue with their order. And we give our best to satisfy the customer. 

Conclusion : 

At TriplePoint Sports are eager to speak to customers and know their requirements and give the best suggestion to our customers. We make the process of choosing the right badminton racket easy and ensure to make the user happy with their choice. Our Product range has Badminton rackets for beginners , intermediate and professionals and all are well segregated. We thank our customers for making this website India's most trustworthy and most popular online store for purchasing of Badminton Equipments 



Thanks to all our Valuable Customers