Li-Ning Airstream N99 Limited Edition

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Li-Ning Airstream N99 Limited Edition: Unleash Precision and Power

Elevate your badminton game to new heights with the Li-Ning Airstream N99 Badminton Racket - Limited Edition. Meticulously crafted for precision and power, this premium racket is your gateway to peak performance.

Lining Airstream N99 Badminton Racket is used By Chen Long

Racket Specifications:

  • Brand: LI-NING
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Cover Included: Yes
  • Skill Level: Professional
  • Delivery Period: 2-7 Business Days
  • Packaging: 100% Secured Corrugated boxes for safety in Transit

Key Features:

  • Weight and Balance:

    • Weighing at 88g (3U) with a Head Heavy (295mm) balance, striking the perfect equilibrium for powerful smashes.
  • Shaft Flexibility:

    • The flexible High Tensile Slim Shaft ensures a responsive and controlled gameplay experience.
  • Max String Tension:

    • Empowers players with a maximum string tension of ≤ 32 LBS, delivering powerful and accurate shots with ease.

Special Features:

  1. High Tensile Slim Shaft:

  2. The top slim shaft design provides extreme strength and easier free control, ensuring a perfect balance between racket weight, moving inertia, and aerodynamics.
  3. Reinforcing Technology:

  4. Integrates Li-Ning's unique multi-polymer and carbon fiber reinforcing technology, adding numerous layers and strength to key racket points for enhanced durability.
  5. Carbon Fibre Technology:

  6. Rigid carbon fiber decreases the racket's weight and improves its strength, providing easy control.
  7. Aerotech Beam System:

  8. Specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the frame's strength, enabling top-notch performance in various shots.
  9. Dynamic Optimum Frame:

  10. All-round optimized design improves the racket's mechanical structure, extending the sweet point upward for efficient attack and defense system.
  11. TB Nano Powertec:

  12. A perfect bonding of special nanometer carbon fiber improves strength by an astounding 20%, providing a high-level racket with a modest budget.
  13. Stabilized Torsion Angle:

  14. Works as a spring back, providing elasticity for more power on shots even if the shuttle hits off-center to the string bed.
  15. Wind Stabilizer:

  16. Acts as a damping device in the racket frame, restoring the racket into the actual position quickly for accurate shots.
  17. Stabilized Elastic Shaft System:

  18. The slim shaft filled with aramid fiber reduces amplitude and injury risk, ensuring player safety.
  19. Hot Melt:

  20. Uniform distribution and close combination of resin with carbon fiber using Hot Melt improves strength and provides an excellent user experience.
  21. Cubic Locking:

  22. Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove provides stability and extra protection for the string, absorbing shock for accurate placement and improved control.

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What is the ideal string tension?

Recommended string tension would be 24-28 LBS

In how many days the order gets shipped and delivered?

Order gets dispatched on the same days or the next working day and delivered within a time frame of 2-5 business days for orders all across India.

How are we different?

We belive to provide the best products in the fastest delivery timeline and all badminton rackets for which custom stringing is selected are strung using professional string method and machine.

How is my ordered packed?

All orders are packed using high quality, heavy duty corrugated boxes to ensure maximum safety to the product during transit.

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